Does Paper Cut It? When Laboratories Need to Switch to LIMS


Many laboratories have yet to make the leap from paper to electronic records such as LIMS.  There are usually valid reasons for holding back and maintaining the paper-based system of the dark ages.  These reasons tend to be things like “we don’t have the budget”, “we don’t have time to implement a system”, “our lab isn’t big enough to use a system like that” or “why fix what isn’t broken”.  While these are all suitable reasons for maintaining a paper-based system, 


How to Assess Your LIMS Supplier

Assessing your LIMS supplier is a necessary process for laboratories operating in a regulated industry, but it is also considered, in general, good practice.  The supplier assessment should be scaled appropriate to the risk, complexity of your LIMS, and the services provided.  The assessment is most useful


What Lab Managers Should Review Before Approving Test Results


The last check before test results reach a client is the approval stage. Where test results are formally reported on a certificate of analysis, approval is authenticated by signature. So, what does that signature mean? And what should Lab Managers review before they sign the dotted line?


How to Avoid Customer Complaints: Where LIMS Can Help

Delivering on customer expectations is a shared and common goal for laboratories. Whether they are internal or external to your organisation, delighting customers is the ultimate reward for your work.  Even when you have documented, implemented and trained procedures,


Broughton Software stands out with LabHQ LIMS

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Invest in LIMS. Save Money. Generate Cash. Simple.

Decreased operational costs, increased capacity, and improved cash flow often follows the implementation of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Many laboratories have realised savings due to the installation or upgrading of a LIMS, an investment that pays off in the form of both hard and soft benefits. The hard benefits improve cash flow while the soft benefits, such as employee morale and customer satisfaction help reinforce them.