‘Tis the season to support local, small businesses

As the holidays are fast approaching, it is important to remember to support our local small businesses in the community. The 3rd of December will mark just one of the Small Business Saturdays in the UK prior to Christmas as The Guardian noted in their recent article about Local resurgence: 20,000 independents gear up for Small Business Saturday.


PIC/S Data Integrity Draft Guidance Issued Last Week

Broughton Software received notice that a PIC/S Data Integrity Draft Guidance was released last week. Direct copy has been provided below, including a link to the draft guidance:


Invest in LIMS. Save Money. Generate Cash. Simple.

Decreased operational costs, increased capacity, and improved cash flow often follows the implementation of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Many laboratories have realised savings due to the installation or upgrading of a LIMS, an investment that pays off in the form of both hard and soft benefits. The hard benefits improve cash flow while the soft benefits, such as employee morale and customer satisfaction help reinforce them.


Environmental Monitoring - Why Does It Matter?

Microorganisms are found everywhere. This can be in the air and water, on skin and other surfaces. When microbiological contamination occurs in pharmaceutical manufacturing, product batches are wasted, risking potential recalls and plant shutdowns. The effect of the contamination can include lost time and money for manufacturers, drug delays and shortages, and related loss of public confidence, potential fines and even criminal consequences.