Services Discovery

There are many reasons why laboratories look to implement a laboratory information management system.  Some laboratories may face challenges such as failure to meet turnaround times, frequent analysis errors or deficiencies in compliance.  A Discovery Session takes your team through a structured approach to dissect the main challenges, the goals you wish to achieve, the potential resources, project scope and high level timeline and costs. 

Many laboratory operations are already aware of their shortcomings, and the common problem preventing laboratories from addressing the problem is time.  A Discovery Session will help you assess the gains from improvement versus possible productivity lost during a LIMS implementation.  The best place to start is to identify the problem. One method to help identify the problem is to create a process map.  When you embark on a process mapping exercise, be sure to involve all the key players that contribute to that process as they might have a different perspective on how the process is executed. Once you have your process mapped, you can then identify the steps you wish to automate and start to build high-level requirements. This is useful in standardizing your approach when obtaining quotes from suppliers.

Broughton Software guides laboratories through the first phase of their LIMS project with an interactive Discovery Session. This typically involves a dedicated project manager for a maximum of 3 days (depending on the size of your operations).  The output of a Discovery Session would be a report which explains the justification to proceed or reject a LIMS project, high-level requirements, and a ready-to-execute project roadmap.  


discovery sessions for lims