Stock Management
for LabHQ LIMS

Easily manage your laboratory stock
inventory through the LabHQ Stock
Management Module. By providing you
with the ability to electronically receive
and consume stock, LabHQ can display
your latest stock inventory to all users
of the system.

  • The Stock Management module integrates seamlessly with LabHQ, allowing inventory tracking. Easily view stock levels and status.
  • Track stock from reagents to consumables and be notified when stock is low or past its expiration date.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by capturing which batch of stock is used in a test in the audit trail.
  • Generate stock labels.
  • Allows the option to test stock to confirm its compliance before use in the lab.

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Stock Management

Interested in managing and testing your QC stock inventory, and recording stock used in a test to facilitate regulatory compliance?

Download this leaflet to learn more about our Stock Management module.

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