Stability Study
Management Module

Effective stability study management is vital to ensure ongoing product integrity and safety.

Learn how the LabHQ LIMS Stability Study Management module can reduce the amount of time you spend doing administrative work.

  • The Stability Study Management module creates stability study protocols. Easily Input details regarding the product, storage conditions, time-points, testing regimes, and the number of samples stored.
  • Set up templates and use them to easily manage your routine studies.
  • The module integrates with LabHQ LIMS so when the user pulls samples from storage, the samples are submitted automatically to begin the testing lifecycle. Product specifications are automatically linked with protocols.
  • Easily view scheduled time-points.
  • Alerts and e-mail notifications ensure that time-points are not missed and the user remains compliant as stability studies can last up to five years.
  • Easily trend data via the trending report function.

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Stability Study Management Module

Test to ensure ongoing product integrity with LabHQ Stability Study Management software.

Download this leaflet to learn more about our Stability Study Management Module.

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