How to Avoid Customer Complaints: Where LIMS Can Help

Delivering on customer expectations is a shared and common goal for laboratories. Whether they are internal or external to your organisation, delighting customers is the ultimate reward for your work.  Even when you have documented, implemented and trained procedures,


Return on Investment: Beyond the Regulatory Benefits of LIMS in a QC Lab

Overheard in the ABC Pharmaceuticals QC lab, "He understands the regulatory benefits of LIMS, but my boss also wants to see a tangible return on investment. Help!"

A major driver for implementing LIMS in regulated industries is the increasing focus of the MHRA, FDA & HPRA on the hot topic of data integrity. Failure to present a quality system that meets the requirements reflected in the ALCOA acronym ( data must be attributable, legible (permanent), contemporaneous, original and accurate) could lead to a loss of licence and result in a devastating impact on revenue.


Do I Need A LIMS By 2017 - It Depends

Strategic decision-makers, QA and QC Laboratory Management, and IT professionals often ask whether they need a LIMS by 2017. Compliance with regulations is key to the decision along with managing customer expectations. Scott Schaefer writes in the Harvard Business Review that making good business decisions rests on assessing how the potential benefits and costs of a particular strategy pertains in each situation.


A Guide To Best Practices: Meeting Client Expectations

Most businesses seek to nurture their relationships with clients, but successful businesses enchant their customers. They go above and beyond by creating a magical experience that earns repeat business and referrals. The magic flows when a company creates a good product and provides great service, supporting the client as their business grows. A dynamic company like Broughton Software seeks to meet their clients’ expectations through responsiveness, empathy, anticipation of needs, and honesty. Other practices include accountability, insight, and consistency.