I Know I Need LIMS But What Do I Do Now?

October 05, 2017 / by Phil Saunders

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Decision made

So you’ve built the case and convinced your boss (who has convinced their boss) to start exploring LIMS solutions. You’ve fought your corner in terms of the desire to become more efficient and increasing laboratory performance and you’ve even identified areas where it will deliver time and cost savings. Now what?!

The decision to incorporate a LIMS system into your workplace is an important and necessary one.  Whether you are looking to streamline your laboratory practices or save your company time and money, introducing a LIMS solution is the most effective tool you will have in your arsenal.  Once you have the go-ahead the next step is to source a company that will implement your LIMS in a quick, cost-effective and seamless manner so that you can still keep up with the day job. There are numerous LIMS providers in the market, all with varying methods as to how to achieve this and all have their strengths in different areas and industries. The key is to find the LIMS solution that is right for you, which best suits your process and falls within budget.

LabHQ LIMS was born in the QC lab. Over the years it has been developed by scientists with the key aims of simplifying the complex processes involved in the daily lab operations and in the implementation of a LIMS system in order to deliver an intuitive and highly effective tool in your quest for higher levels of quality, efficiency and accuracy.

What happens next?

Once the decision has been made to join forces with Broughton Software, the process is a very straight-forward one.  On the basis of our initial meetings and product demonstrations which will have led you to choose LabHQ LIMS, we will then join you on-site for what we call a ‘Discovery’ session.  This will involve coming to your workplace to gain a detailed understanding of the QC process under consideration.  We will go through your processes with a fine tooth comb and map it out in detail to generate your user requirement specifications. These will determine the scope of your LIMS project.  In some circumstances discovery and process-mapping sessions may be carried out even before you have made the final decision whether or not to choose LabHQ as your LIMS provider. We will simply provide you with your documented processes that detail what you need and want from a LIMS system. These requirements can then be used with other LIMS providers.

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Once the Discovery process has been completed then we begin the actual Deployment phase which typically consists of 15 days of project management (depending on your industry and LabHQ LIMS package) on and off site(s). This will comprise of software installation, risk assessments, integrating LabHQ LIMS with analytical instruments or other third-party software, acceptance testing and user training. At the end, you will have a fully validated system. We will work with you for as long as is necessary for you to be comfortable with the software and all of the staff are happy with how it is utilised and all of the different features. If you feel you need more training then we will stay until you are happy with the processes involved.

On-going support

Following the Deployment, we will then move into support mode. Broughton Software prides itself not only on its support available once LabHQ LIMS has been implemented but also for the free updates available to its customers in future versions of the software.  The team at Broughton Software will always be available for the most basic or complicated of queries and will aim to resolve these for you as soon as possible.  As valued customers, Broughton Software will aim to support you and help you achieve the upmost from our software in order to deliver maximum results for you.  Updated versions are released based on customer feedback for our product – if we think we can make it better for you then we will.  As a client of Broughton Software, you are valued and supported to ensure that you will always get the best out of our product, now and in the future – we don’t fit and forget!

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Phil Saunders

Written by Phil Saunders

Phil Saunders is a Sales Specialist at Broughton Software. A Forensic Science graduate with a strong background in analytical chemistry. Phil started his career as a QC analyst in the pharmaceutical sector, before moving into the forensic sector where he worked as a Forensic Examiner in the Evidence Recovery Unit (ERU) for Sexual Offences and Sexually Motivated Crime. His move into the lubricants industry began in 2010 where he held lab and technical positions before finally becoming the QA Manager - managing the laboratory operations. Being a former customer of Broughton Software, Phil is committed in helping both current and new clients experience the benefits of LabHQ LIMS.