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March 17, 2017 / by Andy Mooney


The international regulatory focus on Data Integrity remains as strong as ever. In his latest blog, David Churchward recalls recent workshops held in China to discuss the latest guidelines and how they relate to organisational behaviour.

Issues relating to pressure, motivation, and ultimate disconnection between front line employees and their managers were hot topics.


The blog identifies three elements (pressure, opportunity and rationalisation), often referred to as the Cressey fraud triangle that provide insight into behavioural factors that can be useful indicators into the health of an organisation’s data governance efforts. 

At Broughton Software, we have developed a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) – LabHQ LIMS with data integrity at the top of the agenda. Our CEO, Dr. Paul Moran, recently issued a white paper on the importance of embracing a Culture of Quality in an organisation to facilitate data integrity compliance.

creating a culture of quality for data integrity in a business 

The focus on data integrity must now be ingrained in any regulated organisation with the Pharmaceutical industry leading the way. However, surely this should now be viewed as best practice in any industry. After all, we all rely on the integrity of test data to ensure that the products we purchase and consume are fit for purpose and safe. 

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Andy Mooney

Written by Andy Mooney

Andy Mooney is Commercial Director at Broughton Software. A Business graduate with a scientific background, Andy started his commercial career in analytical laboratory equipment where he held many positions all with the goal of delighting customers across the world. His move into the world of scientific software started by establishing the UK operation of an Indian software development company. Since joining Broughton Software, Andy is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and spreading the word that LIMS does not need to be complicated - welcome to LabHQ LIMS.