The 2017 Data Integrity Regulatory Deadline

June 23, 2016 / by Andy Mooney


You by now have learnt, or heard, about the latest guidance from regulatory bodies such as the FDA and MHRA with respect to Data Integrity. You have probably also heard about the ‘end of 2017 deadline’.

What exactly is a deadline? The Oxford English dictionary defines it as ‘the latest time or date by which something should be completed’. In the world of regulatory compliance, the business impact of missing a deadline is an unpleasant topic to consider. But, let’s think positive – the regulators are talking about 2017 and we are still in 2016 so there is time to act.

At Broughton Software we are always keen to help and have produced a SlideShare presentation that we think will help demystify this topic.

We also believe we have part of the solution - LabHQ LIMS, and show you how it can help you overcome your regulatory challenges.

data integrity - 2017 deadline 

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Andy Mooney

Written by Andy Mooney

Andy Mooney is Commercial Director at Broughton Software. A Business graduate with a scientific background, Andy started his commercial career in analytical laboratory equipment where he held many positions all with the goal of delighting customers across the world. His move into the world of scientific software started by establishing the UK operation of an Indian software development company. Since joining Broughton Software, Andy is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and spreading the word that LIMS does not need to be complicated - welcome to LabHQ LIMS.