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About the Company

Broughton Laboratories is a GMP contract laboratory based in North Yorkshire, UK, inspected by both the MHRA and FDA. They offer a range of analytical services including QC batch release testing, analytical test method development and validation and GxP compliant ICH stability storage and ICH stability testing.

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Special thanks to Broughton Software for developing LabHQ. It's made everyone's life easier, and as an analyst and team leader submitting samples, it's very easy and it's great to use!


Sarah Naylor Deputy Team Leader

Case Study

The Challenge

Broughton Laboratories is an analytical laboratory provides GxP contract services within the pharmaceutical and animal healthcare industries. As an important part of their client’s supply chain, Broughton Laboratories was investigating ways to provide results quickly to clients whilst maintaining data integrity and regulatory compliance.

The Solution

As an original contributor to the development of LabHQ™ LIMS, Broughton Laboratories helped create valuable features such as the web-client which allows Broughton Laboratories to publish their test results through a controlled access portal to their clients. The LabHQ™ LIMS project team helped Broughton Laboratories deploy LabHQ™ LIMS into their laboratory utilising a computer systems validation process compliant with GxP regulations.

The Results

As an addition to their great customer service, Broughton Laboratories provides to their clients secure access to LabHQ™ LIMS. Clients of Broughton Laboratories have access to all current and historical test results making their jobs easier with live status updates, quick results retrieval, and data trending for use in annual product quality reports.