Got a Great Idea for Laboratory Efficiency? How to Get it Approved by Your Boss.

"I’ve got a great idea that will generate laboratory efficiencies. How do I get it approved by the boss?"

Familiar scenario?

Organisations are increasingly looking to Departmental Managers for ideas that will generate cost savings via process efficiencies. Take a look 


This is Why It's Good Practice to Document User Requirements


What are they

User Requirements are a list of activities and functions which users of a software system would like to use or need to use in order


Why Most Laboratories are Switching to Cloud Computing


The concept of cloud computing has actually been around since the 1960s, and it wasn’t until 2006 that it started to gain traction in industry.  In contrast to the cloud,


Do I Need A LIMS? Take This Quiz


I Want LIMS But Don't Have Time to Deploy It


Laboratories are fast-paced environments where accuracy and turnaround time is critical, especially for Quality Control labs. Delivering results and meeting customer expectations is paramount, and where


6 Tips to Get Your LIMS Project Approved


You may have identified the benefits that LIMS can bring to your laboratory but that is just the start of your journey. You now need to convince your organisation that this is a project worth undertaking. How do you do this?


Return on Investment: Beyond the Regulatory Benefits of LIMS in a QC Lab

Overheard in the ABC Pharmaceuticals QC lab, "He understands the regulatory benefits of LIMS, but my boss also wants to see a tangible return on investment. Help!"

A major driver for implementing LIMS in regulated industries is the increasing focus of the MHRA, FDA & HPRA on the hot topic of data integrity. Failure to present a quality system that meets the requirements reflected in the ALCOA acronym ( data must be attributable, legible (permanent), contemporaneous, original and accurate) could lead to a loss of licence and result in a devastating impact on revenue.