Got a Great Idea for Laboratory Efficiency? How to Get it Approved by Your Boss.

September 21, 2017 / by Andy Mooney


"I’ve got a great idea that will generate laboratory efficiencies. How do I get it approved by the boss?"

Familiar scenario?

Organisations are increasingly looking to Departmental Managers for ideas that will generate cost savings via process efficiencies. Take a look 

at your annual objectives, and there is sure to be a section relating to this topic. But where do you start?

Step 1. Identify potential laboratory efficiency projects

If you are struggling for ideas, a great way to start is to get your team together and kick off a Process Mapping exercise. The best way to increase efficiency is to reduce the time it takes to complete a process, and the most common and effective way to reduce the duration of the process is to eliminate inefficiencies.

To accomplish this, it will be necessary to evaluate your laboratory processes via the use of Process Mapping techniques. Unsure how? Download our white paper to guide you through the process.

understanding the process

Potential ideas that are generated could include:

  • Improving laboratory design. Optimising lab design to ensure the most efficient flow of work.
  • Process automation. Identify manual processes that can be automated.
  • Improved sample & test planning. Group samples requiring the same tests and consider allocating a single test to one analyst – specialisation leads to efficiencies.
  • Implementing a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to generate sample workflow efficiencies.

Step 2. You’ve got the idea. Can you secure the go ahead?

Follow our top tips, and you won’t go far wrong.

Top tip 1 – Put yourself in the shoes of the person making the decision. What are THEIR objectives, and how can your idea help them accomplish them?

Top tip 2 – Money, money, money. It may sound crass, but every Finance Director and MD will want to know how your idea will affect the bottom line.

Top tip 3 – Data, data, data. As a previous boss of mine used to say, where is the data to back up your claims? Address Tip 2 by producing a return on investment analysis. Savings made less the cost of the investment = the return on the investment.

If your efficiency project concerns LIMS, download our handy Toolkit below.

essentials toolkit labhq lims roi

Top tip 4 – Prepare, prepare, prepare. Prepare the Presentation to justify the project by using your data. Prepare for challenges & questions. Prepare for success.

Step 3. Implement the project, demonstrate the actual savings and book your next holiday with that well-earned bonus payment.

Sounds simple? Give it a go.



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Andy Mooney

Written by Andy Mooney

Andy Mooney is Commercial Director at Broughton Software. A Business graduate with a scientific background, Andy started his commercial career in analytical laboratory equipment where he held many positions all with the goal of delighting customers across the world. His move into the world of scientific software started by establishing the UK operation of an Indian software development company. Since joining Broughton Software, Andy is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and spreading the word that LIMS does not need to be complicated - welcome to LabHQ LIMS.