10 Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Lab

We all want to be productive, right? However, this is quite often easier said than done, especially in a busy QC laboratory environment! Who has the time spare to sit back and


What Lab Managers Should Review Before Approving Test Results


The last check before test results reach a client is the approval stage. Where test results are formally reported on a certificate of analysis, approval is authenticated by signature. So, what does that signature mean? And what should Lab Managers review before they sign the dotted line?


Does Paper Cut It? When Laboratories Need to Switch to LIMS


Many laboratories have yet to make the leap from paper to electronic records such as LIMS.  There are usually valid reasons for holding back and maintaining the paper-based system of the dark ages.  These reasons tend to be things like “we don’t have the budget”, “we don’t have time to implement a system”, “our lab isn’t big enough to use a system like that” or “why fix what isn’t broken”.  While these are all suitable reasons for maintaining a paper-based system, 


How to Assess Your LIMS Supplier

Assessing your LIMS supplier is a necessary process for laboratories operating in a regulated industry, but it is also considered, in general, good practice.  The supplier assessment should be scaled appropriate to the risk, complexity of your LIMS, and the services provided.  The assessment is most useful


Problem solving and implementing change is never easy.

First let’s address implementing change. This could be considered a lifelong study. I’ll cover this succinctly before moving onto problem solving and the root cause analysis pocket guide providing a simple technique for both. If we get the problem solving bit right then implementing change becomes a whole lot easier.


A Guide To Best Practices: Meeting Client Expectations

Most businesses seek to nurture their relationships with clients, but successful businesses enchant their customers. They go above and beyond by creating a magical experience that earns repeat business and referrals. The magic flows when a company creates a good product and provides great service, supporting the client as their business grows. A dynamic company like Broughton Software seeks to meet their clients’ expectations through responsiveness, empathy, anticipation of needs, and honesty. Other practices include accountability, insight, and consistency.