Theresa Webster

Theresa Webster is the co-founder of Broughton Software and serves as their Director of Product Management. After studying at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte receiving a BSc in Biology and a BA in Chemistry, Theresa began her career at Broughton Laboratories, a leading UK MHRA and US FDA GMP licensed contract laboratory. In her role as a Commercial Projects Manager, she developed business start-ups from idea to fully operational divisions, in particular, the stability storage facility and software services. Theresa led the software services division to become a stand-alone business in 2012 as Broughton Software providing the industry's leading LIMS solution for Quality Control Laboratories. In her personal time, Theresa enjoys travel and fitness.
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How to Assess Your LIMS Supplier

Assessing your LIMS supplier is a necessary process for laboratories operating in a regulated industry, but it is also considered, in general, good practice.  The supplier assessment should be scaled appropriate to the risk, complexity of your LIMS, and the services provided.  The assessment is most useful


Are Risk Assessments Required for a LIMS Project?

Have you ever taken on a project that is large and overwhelming that you didn’t know where to start?  It can feel like everything is blurry, and you’re looking for your glasses to bring your sight into focus. Deploying a LIMS can often feel like this, and risk assessments can help you bring the project to focus.


How to Balance Your Time Between Routine Operations and Improvement Projects

Laboratory Managers are frequently overwhelmed with the amount of work they need to complete.  Especially in a Quality Control laboratory, where turnaround times are crucial, routine operations continually takes priority, but what if


Tips for Managing Workload in the Laboratory

Managing workload can be challenging, especially when you have tight deadlines.  In this blog, we share with you some tips and tricks of the trade to make it easier on you. 


Why Audit Trails Are a Great Feature of LIMS

Audit trails are a common LIMS feature required for regulated laboratories, but they are generally a useful tool for any laboratory – regulated or not. For those of you who are new to LIMS,


Is Your LIMS Good Enough? Where LIMS Adds the Most Value for Labs


When you’re working in a fast-paced environment such as a laboratory, you might not have the time to implement improved ways of working.  You may be using an existing LIMS, and are used to the workarounds and quirks of the system. 


Fundraising Event - Broughton Hall Sporting 2017


Last week we participated in the Broughton Hall Sporting Championships to help raise funds for a local charity SELFA.  Skipton Extended Learning for All (SELFA) is a community where vulnerable, disadvantaged and disabled children can experience happiness and belonging. 


4 Signs Your Lab Has Outgrown Your LIMS

Many laboratories introduce LIMS to help with sample data management and reporting.   Some labs will have used the same system for 12 years without upgrades, and other labs will


The Best LIMS Features for Quality

The purpose of quality is to ensure standards are maintained so that products, services and processes are effective and fit for purpose. Laboratories must maintain high quality standards to provide confidence in


What the Regulators are Looking for in a LIMS Validation Plan

Validating LIMS is a fundamental requirement for GMP compliance.  Where LIMS is used to store and process GMP data, it is imperative that